Monday, August 6, 2007


The First Blizzle Music Festival finally came and went this past weekend, and it could not have been a smoother and more perfect debut for the benefit concert.

Throughout the day on Friday, Rink #1 in Mennen Arena, slowly shifted from an ice rink to a concert venue, and a Blizzle Music Festival banner was hanging in the center of it all.

As Saturday came, instead of becoming a high stress environment, the bands and workers made everything as relaxed as I could have imagined. Actually, a game of wiffle ball broke out in the back of the rink and outside with Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, the Pat McGee Band, Ross, Matt, and some other workers, all playing.

In fact, all of the Artists could not have made the event any more easy-going and amazing. After signing several posters and t-shirts for a raffle, and taking pictures in the press room, the show started to begin and more memories were made.

Morristown's own Emily Eddey played first, kickstarting the performance part of the event off in the right way.

After witnessing a marriage proposal from John Taglieri to his girlfriend Laureen, an acoustic number from the floor seats by the Sixers, and a heartfelt Beatles' dedication from Pat McGee to Blair; the atmosphere of the show was turned into something I never experienced.

As five hundred people made their way in and out of Mennen Sports Arena on Saturday night, everyone seemed to say the same thing: you could feel the love in the room.

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing this event with our foundation. I hope everyone was able to make some new memories.