Friday, July 29, 2011

40th Anniversary for Concert for Bangladesh

When George was asked by a journalist 'Of all the problems in the world, why did you choose this one?'

He simply responded 'I was asked by a friend if I'd help, you know, that's all.'

August 1st marks the 40 year anniversary for the first EVER organized benefit concert. George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar, Bob Dylan, Billy Preston, Leon Russell, & many other great artists took part for the historic night at Madison Square Garden.

This show lead to Live Aid, Live 8, Live Earth, & many other music-related causes.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary, they are streaming the concert live on or for a FREE 72 hours - July 29th 11.59PM (EST)- August 1st 11.59PM (EST)

It's amazing that this historic event came together so quickly just by friends asking one another to come to New York City and take part. George said it himself- he did it with a little help from his friends.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tune into Hep C....

There's just something about benefit concerts that make everything extraordinary. The atmosphere. The crowd. The musicians. the crew. Throw in a few music legends and no one can do any wrong. Especially when members of The Allman Brothers, ZzTop, Grateful Dead, CSN, and more share the stage at one of the best music venues in the world.

Gregg Allman set the tone right from the start. It was only a year ago that he received a liver transplant as a result of his Hepatitis C - and now he was raising awareness for the cause. It's crazy to think what a year can do.

"We call the stage the perfect planet," Allman said the day before the show. "Once the music starts, you don’t feel any pain up there." recounts the incredible music that poured out of the Beacon last night in New York City. Allman Brothers Rock New York With Phil Lesh, Crosby and Nash Band also joined by Natalie Cole at three-hour Hep C Awareness Show

What a great Wednesday night!