Saturday, May 24, 2008

Almost 10 Months later... and we're still giving (because of you)

It's almost summer again and Blizzle mania has not died down... at least on this end of the spectrum. Constant questions about the next Blizzle keep arising, but the only answer I have for them is that 'one day there will be another one.' You shouldn't plan every aspect in life. Instead, live life to the fullest day by day, dollar to dollar. This could be the reason I haven't written on THE BLURB in ages.

To make something truly impactful and special is to do it in moderation. We don't want a fundraiser to JUST be an annual event. We want to make it an event and memorable night unto itself.

Since last August, all of the musicians involved have toured, created videos and albums, and have expanded their careers in one way or another. They all brought something special to that night and it is amazing to see what just ten months can do.

The Sixers toured with O.A.R and Hanson. The Blaire Reinhard Band made a cameo on MTV and created their first music video. Emily Eddey debuted at The Bitter End. Pat McGee and John Taglieri continued to tour around the country and in NJ.

No matter how big and famous these bands and people in general become though- foundations and common causes bring everyone together for the GOOD.

One of our ongoing projects, CARE BLAIRS has continued massively in 2008. We were able to send a young girl to the front row of a Hannah Montana concert and help another girl experience her prom. The little things in life are what makes everyone strive for more and exhibit kindness and heart to others.

Next time you see someone who is worse off than yourself, please extend a hand, lend them a dollar, or just hold your tongue. I am not asking you to donate everything you own and have, I just want you to know that you can make a difference by just showing up, or making an effort.

The BBFF will have another fundraiser soon, but now we are taking all of the funds and gifts we have received and helping others. We are living our lives to the fullest everyday and even being a bit selfish at times- knowing that you need to keep hope in your life, but strive for what you truly want.

And what we TRULY want for everyone is for you to have happiness in your matter how you obtain it.

"You put the Happy in my ness, you put the good times into my fun..."~ Ben Harper