Friday, August 7, 2015

SPOTLIGHT: Blair Beinhaker Friendship Award

Looking back...

The Blair Beinhaker Friendship Award
Blair showed how you can be a best friend to many and give of yourself selflessly, even under adverse conditions. She was brave, courageous, and never lost hope... always loving and kind.

Friends nominated friends...

Honoring Friendship:
- A young woman whose courage, and spirit brings out the best in others
- With Hope and confidence she faces adversity
- Through her warmth and sweetness she teaches others to enjoy life
- Through integrity and strength of character she helps others respect their classmates and themselves.
- She is a selfless team player.

2003- Leigh Piccolo
2004- Talya Lyon
2005- Brittany Blankmeyer
2006- Erin Hazen
2007- Elizabeth Hodge
2007- Alicia Ryan
2007- Dianna Simon
2008- Molly Hess
2008- Krista Scorsune
2009- Moire Kelly
2009- Carolyn Barrett
2010- Brenna Lade

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