Friday, August 7, 2015


Over the years, the BBFF has awarded scholarships to honor loved ones.  Instead of focusing on academics, recipients of the scholarships were awarded by showcasing other aspects of their personalities from kindness and friendship to being their true selves.

Here is a recap of the scholarships we have awarded:

The Madelyn Lillianfeld Kindness Award
This award honored a senior girl with a positive attitude, warmth, tenderness, caring, a sense of community, family, and a contagious passion for life.  Madelyn Lillianfeld exemplified all these qualities.

Recipient: Devon DeGilo

The Poppy Award
Born in Brooklyn, Nelson Farber was a real New Yorker and die hard Giants fan.  At the age of 83, 'Poppy,' passed on just one week after dancing his heart out at a family Bat Mitzvah.  He lived his life to the fullest and beat to his own drum.  He was co-owner of 'Mike & Nellie's' restaurant and as a daily presence, he had a unique way of making everyone he met feel special around him.  Nelson was a family man, married to Harz for fifty years and lovingly known as Poppy to his seven grandchildren.

Recipient: Christopher Marshall

The Donna Gindes Fine Arts Awards
Donna was a Morristown High School graduate whose life ended abruptly in her fifties.  She has a strong passion for writing and enjoyed the fine arts.

2006- Madeline Hals
2007- Kristina Parrillo
2008- Williams Woods
2009- Jason Wicks
2010- Amanda Murphy

The Edward Lieberman Poppy Award
Edward Lieberman, also known as Poppy to his family and friends, was an overall great guy. As a veteran of World War II, Poppy was dedicated to patriotism and kindness. He was a humble man who worked seven days a week for many years, to afford his family a better life. He had an ongoing love for his country and for the generosity towards others.

Recipient: James Murphy

Donnie Roberts Community Service Award
Donnie Roberts was a bright, gentle, funny 32 year old whose life was ended abruptly.  He was a real family man. He was the father of three and enjoyed his children immensely. He was a bit of a rebel and thought outside the box. Donnie was very community oriented, was interested in all religions, and got along with everyone.

Recipient: Alex Rosa

Julie Lyn Zeller Kindness Award
Julie was a beautiful, fun-loving, energetic eight year old whose life was cut short by a drunk driver.  In her short life, she exemplified kindness to older people and was a very loving, outgoing child who was always the center of the party.  She loved to entertain...her eyes twinkled and she sparkled.  She loved dance and gymnastics.  She had a great sense of fashion and many friends.

Recipient: Kara Cannestro

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